In our external and internal life there should be flow of non-violence, valour, strength, enterprise and self-pride

To ensure the continuity flow of eternal qualities, practice Kriya Yoga, penance, study scriptures and surrender yourself to God

With the company of noble preceptors and contemplation of their life, teachings & conduct gives us inner strength and ensures perennial flow of merit into our life

If you smile, the world smiles and if you are disappointed, morose & desperate automatically the world appears to be sad

The moment you are completely silent, tranquil, then you experience happiness

Live every moment of your life brimming with enthusiasm, energy and confidence

Remember God has created and chosen you for fulfilling a great mission

Many a times you doubt yourself & God’s existence but it’s a surprise that a man never doubts falsehood and hatred

Arise! Always be positive! Always be a honey gatherer and always be an inquisitive!

Feel each & every moment, the healing touch of God’s grace!

God always gives us more than our capabilities, merits and labour

कारैवेती करैवेइ कारण वाई मधु विन्दति, If the interval is rest, then resting is sin

Let the obstacles not stop you, calamities not bend you & the slandering tongues not detract you. Go ahead till you reach at your goal

The sound of an action is stronger than thousands of words and resonates louder

Believe in the culture of bringing about change by our exemplary conduct and not by mere sermonizing

People whose thoughts and refinement are truly rich & great and those who are devoid of thoughts and refinement are poor, paupers and ill-framed

If a man losts in the crowd it can be sorted out but if he losts in the crowd of thoughts, the whole life of a man goes astray in the rabble and shrouds of darkness

If a person is caught in the cobweb of thoughts his life ends in the same way as a spider meets its end in the cobweb woven by itself

If there is enthusiasm, power, valour, courage and self-pride in thinking, a person stays young despite declining years

A country will achieve greatness with the knowledge & experience of its elders, and the courage, valour and proud actions

A young person is unafraid of consequences while an old person is bothered of consequences, so he is unable to take quick decisions

Ideology is the greatest power, health, and force in the world. There is immense strength and energy in Ideology

Our ideology lies in martyrdom, sacrifice, prowess, valour, courage and self-pride

There is fire and tempest in ideology as well as the message of peace & contentment

A serene flow of thoughts is life and a disintegration of thought-flow is death

The sanctity of thoughts means the great vows of non-violence, truth etc

The sanctity of thoughts is morality, spiritualism and humanitarianism

Profane thinking leads to violence, crime, cruelty, exploitation, injustice, unrighteous conduct and corruption

Purity in thinking forms the base of pure food, pure conduct, pure behavior and pure living

Purity of thinking is morality

The firmness of thoughts is the bridge leading to success

Ideological purity leads to social harmony

Thoughts are the basics of all joys

Good thinking lies at the root of good behavior

Our whole life is the result of thoughts. Thought is the seed of this tree of life

With pure resolution or thought our each moment, even an evil person can become a great man

Thoughtfulness is humanity and thoughtlessness is bestiality

Pure thinking is the main source of sweet and impressive speech

Purity of thoughts is the solution to all the problems

Pure ideology is the foundation-stone of a healthy, prosperous and powerful nation

Pure thoughts which elevated me so high, gave me a self-confidence and will sure awaken every person of my country

Pure thoughts will awake our country to its pride and it will perform its righteous duty with full force

With the pure thoughts our country will be great and will lead the world

My greatest thought is my ideology

My pure thoughts have saved me from falling into the trap of sins

My thoughts instilled in me the courage to fight through struggles and adverse situations

By dint of thoughts I am unable to turn every defeat into victory and came out stronger through the most difficult ordeals

When a person can be turned violent or criminal by negative thoughts, then why he can’t be made nationalist, spiritualist, humanitarian & progressive

When a person’s character can be degraded by impure thoughts that person can sell his/her body, religion & integrity. Why can a person’s character not be elevated by pure thoughts?

When the seeds of hatred & discord can be sown in a person by impure thoughts then why can the flowers of love, affection & compassion not bloom in a person by pure thoughts?

When the society can be fragmented by instigating a person to violence, crime & anarchy by impure thoughts then why can the society not be united by awakening the soul of a person by pure thoughts?

Our physical and mental development builds according to what we eat & how we nourish?

If a person intakes innutritious food automatically he becomes doubtable by negative thinking. This illusive thinking causes corruption, violence, crime & agitation

The cause of happiness or unhappiness doesn’t depends on persons or circumstances, it is the result of good or bad thinking

Impure thoughts are the source of all our problems like violence, crime, murder or suicide

Impure thoughts are the cause of all the sorts of frustration, prejudice and egoism

Ideological impoverishment lies at the root of unhappiness, want, pain and degradation of our country

Ideological firmness is the main source of prosperity and development of the country