Every human being needs health, beauty, power (strength), prosperity and peace without which, the life is incomplete. But all these could be attained with the help of yoga only. For the entire universe accepting yoga, we will have to make the nation as yoga-loving. Everybody will have to get associated with yoga and should have to perform yoga exercises. The campaign could be started with 2-5 minutes of Pranayam. Today, every MP, MLA, IAS, IPS, CM and PM, everybody performs yoga. Even many new followers of yoga have developed, which is favourable for the nation also. Remember, Yoga is important in every aspect of the life. Like, the problem of hair loss begins, when the hair cells do not get adequate oxygen. When the eye cells do not get adequate oxygen, glaucoma is developed. When the skin cells do not get adequate oxygen, it causes skin disorders. Yoga develops a system to supply oxygen to them.